Zaporozhye State Medical University

MBBS in Ukraine

About University

Zaporozhye State Medical University (ZSMU) is one of the oldest and top Medical Universities of Ukraine. It is a self-governing state higher educational establishment of the 4th (the top) level of accreditation. In 1973, the preparatory faculty for International Students was opened.

The degree of Ukrainian Universities is recognized worldwide. Ukraine is one of the cheapest European countries. The tution fee and living cost at ZSMU is very low. Zaporozhye State Medical University doesn't require TOEFL and IELTS for admission of international students.

The MBBS degree and other medicinal degrees acquired from ZSMU are recognized by Indian and International Regulatory bodies such as WHO, UNESCO, MCI, etc. Currently, there are more than 6000 students studying MBBS from Zaporozhye State Medical University. Out of 6,000 students, nearly 1250 are International Students from different regions including India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Pharmacy
  3. Faculty of Dentistry
  4. Faculty of Pediatrics


Zaporozhye State Medical University has good sport facilities for students. There is an exceptional sport complex within the University. Near academic buildings and student hostels, there is a football court, mini-football court, volleyball court, basketball court, sports ground for handball, and a stadium with track and field athletic sectors.

The University comprises of 3 gyms, a swimming pool, a fitness club, tennis courts, a shooting-range, a chess and draught club. In the University, student's football matches take place regularly. The best teachers of the university are in charge of all clubs and sport sections.

1st Year Fees 2nd-6th Year Hostel Fees Per Year Overhead Expenses(One Time) TOTAL FEE
4300 USD 4300 USD 1000 USD 1800 USD 33600 USD

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