Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy

MBBS in Ukraine

About University

Known as one of the best Dental schools in Poltava, Ukraine, Ukrainian Medical Stomatology Academy is an absolute famous institution among international students. Due to the quality education it offers in a number of departments, the university attracts a huge number of international students every year.

Ukrainian Medical Stomatology Academy was founded in 1921 as a non-profit public higher education institution. It’s prime focus, since its establishment has been on providing affordable quality education.


  1. Comatological Faculty 
  2. Medical Faculty 

Student Life:

Ukrainian Medical Stomatology Academy not only focuses on the academic development of the students, but also takes care of their physical and extracurricular development. The campus houses facilities for basketball, badminton, squash and table tennis, a gymnasium and an outdoor Olympic-sized
swimming pool. Students in the campus and university hostels are entitled to all basic and modern amenities.

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