Odessa National Medical University

MBBS in Ukraine

About University

Odessa National Medical University believes in innovation in medical science education. The university has a rich history while its establishment runs down to 1900. Back then it was established as the medical faculty of the Novorossiyskiy State University in Odessa. The medical faculty soon became one of the most prestigious medical faculties in the Russian Empire. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became Odessa State Medical University in an independent Ukrainian Republic.

At present the university consists of 100 clinical departments which attract thousands of students from the world. The university is now one of the top WHO approved medical universities in Ukraine. Also it is a low package university in Ukraine.


  1. Medical Faculty
  2. Faculty of Dentistry
  3. Pharmaceutical Faculty

Student Life:- 

The university has a modern infrastructure and consists of well-equipped classrooms. It has separate laboratories for students to have a better practical understanding.

The university houses an experienced faculty to ensure quality education is offered to the students. The university also has various societies for students to experience a cultural exposure and interact with students coming from various countries. There is also a sports and fitness complex for students. The university is also a part of many international organizations such as International Association of Medical Universities, and this ensures great employment opportunities for students after MBBS course completion.

1st Year Fees Total Fees 2nd-6th Year Hostel Fees Per Year Overhead Expenses(One Time) TOTAL FEE
4390 USD 4390 USD 1380 USD 2050 USD 36670 USD

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