Odessa National Medical University was established in 1901 in the Odessa city of Ukraine. Odessa is referred to as the "Pearl of the Black Sea", as it is the largest city along the Black Sea and the 3rd largest city in Ukraine.

Odessa National Medical University is one of the leading and best medical universities in Ukraine. It is known as an independent higher educational institution.  The university is accredited with the IV level of accreditation by the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine. Further, it is duly approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), and it is also recognized globally. 

Odessa National Medical University (ONMedU) offers a 6-year program of MBBS in Ukraine in Russian, Ukrainian, French, and English languages. Students at the university have the freedom to study in their preferred languages. Due to its diversity, the university ensures the world-class level of teaching to its students.

With global recognition and a world-class level of teachings, about 10,000 medical aspirants are currently studying at the university. Among them, 3,000 medical aspirants are from the 52 countries of the world.

To establish a comfortable environment, the university is fully equipped with modern technologies and modern infrastructures on the campus. The university offers various facilities to the enrolled students. This includes accommodation, sports and health complex, polyclinic service, Museums, library, and publishing house.

The university's library is one of the oldest and biggest libraries in Ukraine. It contains over 1 million collections of books. Every enrolled student gets the "library card" at the time of admission to the university. Having the library card ensures the students' entry to the library, issuing books, and other related work.

For the practical training of the students, the university has its own hospitals and clinics. Here, the students are provided the hands-on training and interactive sessions with the patients. 

There are different types of training offered to the students, such as basic medical practice, simulation-based training, virtual reality simulation training, standardized patients, interdisciplinary training, team training, and psychological consulting management training. This encourages the students to gain confidence in their work and face the real world.

Annually, before the academic session starts, students are offered a mandatory check-up at the Students' Polyclinic on the campus.

ONMedU has its own museums which help the students to study the development of the university and also their important subjects. The university has three museums - Historical Museum, Anatomic Museum, and Pathological Anatomy Museum.

Besides the academic development, ONMedU provides a wide range of opportunities for the personal and professional development of the students.


Sl. No.

Name of the Authority Granting Recognition/ Accreditation/ Registration


Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)


Medical Council of India (MCI)


Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)


Medical Council of Canada (MCC)


Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)


To get admission to the MBBS Program of Odessa National Medical University, the student must qualify NEET-UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Undergraduate). 

Besides NEET-UG, there is no requirement to go through any additional entrance examination.

Fees Structure



MBBS (MD Course)

Tuition Fee

Health Insurance (Every Year) +Visa Extension

Hostel Fee

University Registration Charges & Airport Pickup

Total Expenses

(In USD)

First Year






Second Year






Third Year






Fourth Year






Fifth Year






Six Year






Total Fee






Bus Services (Compulsory for one year) $200

Mess Charges (Compulsory for one year) $1200

Facilities Available

Complete SUPPORT






Medical Laboratories

Clinical Training

Recreational Facilities

Ensured Safety

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) Preparation

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Preparation


University Address

MBBS Program

Odessa National Medical University offers a 6-Year MBBS Program in Ukrainian, Russian as well as English language. 

Admission & Support

To get admission to the MBBS Program of Odessa National Medical University, you can apply online at Ukraine Education website.

Ukraine Education facilitates the admission to the MBBS program of Odessa National Medical University with no additional payment or capitation. Once the candidate clears the NEET entrance examination, they can apply for the MBBS program in Ukraine.

Student Life

Odessa is known as Student Paradise because of its increasing number of higher educational institutions. One of the higher educational institutions offering a world-class education is the Odessa National Medical University (ONMedU).

The city of Odessa has a rich and diverse cultural life. Odessa National Medical University provides a very cheerful and safe atmosphere for its enrolled students. It ensures that every enrolled student gets the required accommodation and other necessary facilities.

The university creates a friendly environment for its students. It encourages the students to explore the city and make full utilization of their time at the university.

At the university campus, ONMedU has six hostels for the accommodation of the students. The hostels have fully equipped rooms, which include centralized heating and cooling system, 24 hours gas, electricity, hot and cold water, beds and furniture, gyms and reading rooms in every hostel, full security, student cafeteria.

Besides the usual academic activity, the university is also concerned about the physical and mental growth of the students. At every hostel, there is a gym and recreational center.

Various sports and health complexes are available. Students are encouraged to be a part of any sports and health club and to participate in any activity they are interested in.

The sports complex is situated on the territory of the campus. There are six sports halls for various games. The students can participate in more than 16 kinds of sports such as athletics, basketball, tennis, swimming, football, and other sports activities.

Students who have their interest set on art can attend the students' center -"VITA". Various cultural clubs such as ballet, dancing, student theater, poetic studio, and students press-club are opened. Through different cultural communities, students get familiar with one another and learn each other's culture.

The university has its polyclinic center for the practical training of the students. Annually, students are given mandatory medical check-up before the academic year starts.

The university also has three museums- Historical museums, Anatomic museums, and Pathological museums. Through these, students get to learn basic human anatomy and also the changes in the human organism that occur in different diseases.

ONMedU has a library which is one of the oldest and biggest in Ukraine. The library has a modern information center that promotes the educational, scientific, and teaching process. It has around 1 million collections of books and has its branches in each of the university's hostels.

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