About the University

Offering 7 Majors, 12 specialties, and 24 Specialization courses, Kharkiv University of Air Force, Ukraine are situated in the academic center of the country. The university was established on 12th November 1930 and has taken a very less amount of time to become one of the top aviation universities in Ukraine.

The university is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Science in Ukraine and all other major Medical Councils across the world. The university houses an experienced faculty to teach a wide range of courses and study streams being offered at the university. 


  • Faculty of Aircraft Maintenance
  • Faculty of Avionics
  • Faculty of Computer Engineering
  • Faculty of Airport Technological Facilities
  • Faculty of Preparatory courses

Student Life

Students of Kharkiv University of Air Force are offered all sort of basic and modern amenities in the university as well as the hostels. The classrooms are well-equipped and the hotel rooms are well furnished. Apart from this, there are separate sports grounds for various sports activities. The students are offered round the clock security with the university campus and hostels being furnished with all sorts of modern safety equipment. 

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