Being a university that offers a very interesting and unique stream of study, Radio Electronics, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics located in Kharkiv, Ukraine is extremely popular among local as well as international students who wish to pursue higher education in Radio Electronics technology. 

It is one of the oldest technology universities in Ukraine, with over 7000 students and 30 scientific centers. The university is well known for its qualified faculty and golden career prospects which the students get after successful completion of the course.  There is a long list of alumni who graduated from the university and are now very successful in their career domains. The University ranks first among technical universities of Ukraine by the results of the rankings made by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine. The university is a partner with many international organizations like the University of Finland and Linnaeus University, Sweden.


KNURE consists of 8 faculties:

  • Faculty of Computer Sciences (CS)
  • Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control (CEC)
  • Faculty of Information and Analytical Technologies and Management (ITM)
  • Faculty of Information Radio Technologies and Technical Information Security (IRTIS)
  • Faculty of Automation and Computer Technologies (ACT)
  • Faculty of Electronic and Biomedical Engineering (ELBE)
  • Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training
  • Infocommunications (IC)

Student Life

The students at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics experience a great cultural diversity as thousands of students enroll in the university every year from all corners of the world. The university provides a safe and secure environment for the students in the university as well as the hostels. The modern infrastructure of the university is well equipped with practical labs, classrooms, libraries, and other recreational centers. 

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