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MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine

Are you disheartened with the ferocious competition for MBBS admissions in India, then MBBS in Ukraine NEET 2019 can be an admirable option for your medical career? With a booming education system and high-quality medical education, Ukraine provides all the MBBS aspirants, a phenomenal opportunity in Ukraine. Ukrainian universities/institutions welcome students from all across the globe not only to study MBBS in Ukraine but for the other medical degrees as well such as BDS, MD, MS, MDS and many others. Being home to thousands of international students, Ukraine is gaining popularity among Indian students especially as it offers top-notch education at a reasonable price, which is the main concern for students as well as their parents in India.

Ukraine is known to produce the fourth-largest number of medical graduates in Europe. Ukrainian medical industry is one of the best in the World today and Ukrainian medical degrees are globally recognized by the General medicine UK, World Health Organization, American Medical Association USA, Medical Council of India, UNESCO and so on. Also, it is the Ukrainian degrees are recorded in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

MBBS in Ukraine allows the students to gel up with the other diverse societies from all across the globe. Erudition of students in Ukraine is not constrained to the classrooms, labs, university campus only, there is much more outside for their refreshment and knowledge. Students will really enjoy their studentship in Ukraine as the country is itself has a variegated population, arresting scenic beauty and moderate climatic conditions.

Reasonable tuition fees, affordable living cost, leading technology, extrusive faculty members, and approachable admission procedure in Ukraine, are some of the alluring reasons for choosing Ukraine as your MBBS study destination. World’s leading medical scientists/doctors enter the various lecture halls and wards of hospitals to give an insight of their knowledge and share their practical experience to numerous students including foreigners from more than 60 countries of the world, namely India, who study in various medical universities every year.

The duration of the course is 6 years and all courses are taught in English as the medium of instruction. Eligibility required for entering the degree is very much gettable, that a student can easily fulfill. No English language proficiency test is required.

Therefore, MBBS from Ukraine will not let you be shackled in the problems that are holding you back from chasing your dream of becoming a doctor. The decision is yours!!


Ukraine is definitely the destination to be discovered as it is the largest countryNEET 2019 in Europe, which has borders with Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Before 1991, Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union but in 1991, it turned into an independent country. The official language is Ukrainian and its capital is Kyiv, located in the northern part of the nation. It has a moderately temperate continental climate except for Southern Crimea, where the climate is subtropical, of the Mediterranean type. The best time to visit Ukraine is summers, late spring and early autumn.

The aggregate population of Ukraine is nearly 46 million. It has the longest waterways in Europe called the Dnieper, which is one of the republic’s primary wellsprings of hydroelectric power. The armed force of Ukraine is the second biggest armed force in Europe. Ukraine is thought to be one of the most secure spots of the world with the least crime rate. Ukraine consists of 6% of the world’s physicists, mathematicians, PC software engineers and other exceedingly prepares experts.

As far as education is concerned, then we all know that Ukraine is becoming a hub for international students especially Indian students. They don’t only enjoy their tenure of being a student but also the diversified culture of Ukraine, mesmerizing landscapes and much more fun activities. For the students, Ukraine comes at the best affordable destination in the world.


  1. Quality education
  2. Globally recognized courses (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, MCI, etc.)
  3. European life standard
  4. Worldwide acceptance of Ukrainian method of teaching
  5. Quick and simple admission process
  6. English Medium
  7. Low tuition fees and living cost
  8. Multicultural environment
  9. Better job prospects
  10. Emphasis on practical aspects of teaching
  11. Moderate Climate around the year
  12. Outstanding international faculty
  13. One of the best transportation systems in Europe
  14. Participation of students in international conferences and seminars worldwide
  15. Three months of summer jobs availability during a vacation in European countries
  16. Chances of permanent residence & settlement in Europe after completion of the study program
  17. No IELTS/TOEFL required
  18. Accommodation arrangement in University hostels. Arrangement of separate rooms for female students
  19. The facility of opening a bank account in Ukrainian international bank

For other details, feel free to explore the benefits of choosing MBBS in Ukraine.


All the students graduating from Ukrainian institutions will NEET 2019definitely have a bright medical career whether after returning back to India or practicing in some other country. If they decide to practice in India, then firstly they have to appear for the licensing exam FMGE or NEXT, whichever is ubiquitous at that point of time. All they need to score is 50% marks, which is quite achievable for them as it is not a competitive exam (without negative marking). In case students want to practice in abroad countries only, then they have many options in the authorized hospitals having collaboration with their University.

Nothing can stop students to practice their medical career in India or any other country after having Ukrainian MBBS degree as nowadays almost every medical center/hospitals are inviting fresh graduates from Ukrainian medical institutions.


  1. The student shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission to the MBBS course.
  2. The student should have obtained 50% marks in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th standard examination. For Backward class (SC/ST /OBC) students, an aggregate of 40% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be considered.
  3. Indian students intending to obtain a primary medical qualification from any medical institution outside India, on or after 1st May 2018, shall have to mandatorily qualify NEET "National Eligibility -cum Entrance Test for Admission to MBBS Course.


“Books and Online Information cannot serveNEET 2019 you better than Coaching and Lectures!! Counseling plays a prominent role in your success that Guides, Helps and motivates; the students to set up their goals for a bright future and creating a plan to execute them.”

FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination which is conducted by the National Board of Examinations; which is also called a MCI Screening Test. This test is basically conducted for Indian and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) for obtaining a provisional or permanent registration with the Medical Council of India (MCI) or State Medical Council (SMC); as per the Screening Test Regulations.

MCI Screening Test or FMGE is an online exam that is divided into two sections- Part A & Part B. Each section carries 150 questions; for which students have only 150 minutes for the completion. The candidates securing 150 marks out of 300 i.e. 50%; will be considered for the FMGE results. Talking about the last year’s data, about 9,274 Indian nationals, who are medical students abroad destinations; has appeared for FMGE 2018, June session.

Students pursuing MBBS from Ukraine or from any other country famous for Medical Education from its Top Medical Universities, have to appear & qualify for this MCI screening test for practicing their future prospects in India.  Therefore, passing out the MCI Screening test is mandatory for all foreign return graduates, if they wish to practice their medical career in India.

The National Board of Examination (NBE) has announced the exam date of FMGE for 2019, which is on 28 June 2019.

MCI screening test (FMGE) tends to be the most difficult exam of your medical career, but yes, if you have a strong foundation on your medical studies gained from the Universities in Bangladesh, then you can be easily come out it with flying colors.

Students can applyNEET 2019 for FMGE registration, only after they will return back to India after their completion of MBBS in Bangladesh. The exam will be conducted totally on a computer-based platform at various centers across India.  The exam is hosted twice a year (December & June)

For getting answers to all your related dilemmas/queries, contact Ukraine Education Team ASAP, as Ukraine Education believes in providing assistance to its students; wherever they need and giving opportunities to them for accomplishing their dream of becoming a Doctor. FMGE is tend to be the most difficult exam of your career, but if you have a strong foundation on your medical studies gained from the Top Medical Universities and have attended informative MCI coaching classes, then you can easily come out of it with flying colors. Therefore, we organize MCI Coachings on a time to time basis; as a small & unique contribution towards our students studying MBBS at our partner Top Medical Universities in Ukraine and to boost them up for MCI Screening Test. Ukraine Education sends the India’s reputed medical personalities (Members/Doctors) to share their insights regarding the MCI Screening Test in Top Medical Universities of Ukraine.


NEET 2019After studying MBBS from Ukraine, graduates can also head up to pursue their medical career in USA, but for that they need to qualify the respective licensing examination i.e. USMLE.

USMLE stands for the United States Medical Licensing Examination. It is a three-step medical licensing examination, allowing medical graduates to practice their medical career in the United States of America. This exam has three attempts per graduate in a year. USMLE is conducted by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB).

This examination does not only tests the knowledge of medical graduates, but also conducts the detailed assessment of them that how well they can use their skill, attitudes, and values in their real-life practice in patient-centered scenarios. USMLE is a license demonstrating the way a medical graduate will operate on the job, both on and off the table. USMLE is conducted in following three steps:

Step 1 of USMLE-

NEET 2019Step 1 of USME is a computer-based one-day exam taken by medical candidates at the end of their second year of the medical program. It is 8 hours long exam with a total number of 280 multiple choice questions broken into 7 sections of 40 questions each.

Step 1 of USMLE constitutes of basic principles of science, specifically anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, specifically anatomy, behavioral science, microbiology, pharmacology, and physiology. Other Interdisciplinary subjects like genetics, immunology, and nutrition are also part of the subjects.

Step 2 of USMLE-

A. Clinical Knowledge:

This exam also constitutes of multiple-choice questions created to evaluate the knowledge of medicine and understanding of clinical science which is mandatory for the provision of patient care under supervision.

This exam constitutes of 318 questions which the medical student has to complete in 9 hours.

B. Clinical Skills:

This exam evaluates the communication skills of medical students through the following areas:

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Fostering the relationship
  3. Making of decisions
  4. Supporting the emotions of the patient
  5. Information provision
  6. Enabling patient behaviors

Step 3 of USMLE-

Step 3 of the USMLE is a 2-day computer-based examination consisting of 500 multiple choice based questions along with computer-based case simulations (CCS) which evaluate medical student’s ability to assess history and physical exam information, order diagnostic tests, selection of initial therapies and the management of patients.




Tuition fees for General Medicine program in Ukrainian universities can vary from 3500 to 5000 USD$ in English medium, and vary from 2500 to 3500 USD$ in Ukrainian medium.

MBBS/ Medical Course Fees- 2020-2021 (Fees of Medical Universities in Ukraine)

University Details Tuition fees
(In USD)
Hostel Fee
(In USD)
One Time Charges

Total Charges

(Payable by students)

Kharkiv National Medical University 4800$/year


2200 $


Kharkiv International Medical University 4000$/year

Hostel 6 = 800

Hostel 4 = 1000

Hostel 5 = 1300

Otakara hostel = 15000

2400 $

Hostel 6 = 7200

Hostel 4 = 7400

Hostel 5 = 7700

Otakara hostel = 7900

Kiev Medical University Kharkiv, Branch 3500$/year


2200 $


Kyiv Medical University of UAFM (Kiev, Branch)

3500$/year 1200 $ 2850 $ 7550$
V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University 4500$/year


2200 $


O.O. Bogomolets National Medical
4300$/year 1200 $ 2800 $ 8300 $
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 4500$/year 1500 $ 2800 $ 8800 $
Poltava State Medical University

4000$ for 1st & 2nd year 4800$ from 3rd to 6th year

1000 $ 2500 $
Vinnitsa National Medical University 5000 $ 700 $ 1800 $ 7500 $
Lviv National Medical University 4900 $ 1000 $ 2000 $ 7900 $
Ivano Frankisvk Medical University 4000 $ 1000 $ 1800 $ 6800 $
Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy 3800 $ 800 $ 1800 $ 6400 $
Black Sea Medical Academy 3800 $ 600 $ 1800 $ 6200 $
Ternopil Medical University 4200 $ 1000 $ 1800 $ 7000 $

Odessa National Medical University

Course MBBS (MD Course) Tution Fee Health insurance
(every year)
+ Visa Extension
Hostel Fee University Registration Charges
& Airport Pickup
Total Expenses
(In USD)
First year 4370 USD 280 USD 1300 USD 2050 USD 8000 USD
Second year 4550 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 5770 USD
Third year 4770 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 5990 USD
Fourth year 5120 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 6340 USD
Fifth year 5460 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 6680 USD
Sixth year 5800 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 7220 USD
Total fee 30,070 USD 880 USD 7,800 USD 2050 USD 39,800 USD
Bus Services (Compulsory for one year ) 200 USD
Mess charges (Compulsory for one year ) 1200 USD
                                                                                          *  HOSTEL6 KNMU LIMITED SEATS-need to confirm in advance.
                                                                                      *  Hostel knmu number 5- compulsory with yearly mess of 1300$.
                                                                             *  Karazina hostel and hostel 4 knmu- compulsory one month mess of 200$.
                                                                                                  *  It’s compulsory to live in hostel for first year. 
* student can avail residence permit for 6 years at once- approx. –expense 650-700$ extra. Alternatively, student can pay 250$ every year for                                                                                                                                    medical insurance. 
                                                                                         *  package does not include medical insurance.


Zaporozhye State Medical University

  Tution Fee (In USD)   Hostel Fee (In USD)  One Time Charges Total Fees 
First Year   4500$  1000$  1000$  6500$
 Second Year  4500$  1000$  0  5500$
 Third Year  4500$  1000$  0  5500$
 Fourth Year  4500$  1000$  0  6000$
 Fifth Year  4500$  1000$  0  6000$
 Sixth Year  4500$  1000$  0  6000$
 Total Fee  4500$  6000$  1000$  35,500$
Study MBBS in Ukraine