Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM (Kiev,Branch)

MBBS in Ukraine

About University

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is considered as one of the finest medical universities of Ukraine to study MBBS in Ukraine. The university was set up in the year 1992. The location of the university is the city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv Medical University provides various courses in the department of medicine.

Currently, the university comprises of more than 1100 students who are aspiring to become the best doctors in their near future. Till date, more than 10,000 students have become successful doctors and thus contributing to the well-being of their society.

The university is recognized and accredited by various educational and medical bodies including the Ministry of Education & Science in Ukraine for 4th accreditation level, Ghana Dental & Medical Council, Nigerian Dental & Medical Council, Pakistan Dental & Medical Council, European Dental & Medical Council, Indian Dental & Medical Council and General Medical Council of the United Kingdom. The degree awarded by Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is of MD (equivalent to MBBS in India) is recognized globally.

One of the prominent reasons for studying at Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is that it provides MBBS courses in English Medium to all the enrolled students. The university follows the modern and advanced standards prevalent in other European countries. Apart from undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the university also offers various kinds of language certification courses along with training courses. The university advances practical training at various national and international levels.

Faculty/ Department/ Course

  1. Department of General Medicine (MD)
  2. Department of Dentistry
  3. Department of Pharmacy
  4. Department of Preparatory course

Student Life

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM believes in the comprehensive growth and development of every student studying in the university. To keep students culturally active the university offers various clubs such as dancing, painting, poetry, stage, singing, theatre, etc. In the field of sports, the university has various sports clubs like basketball, football, etc. For physical fitness, the university also offers facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium etc.

University Details Tuition fees Hostel Fee One Time Charges

Total  Charges 

(Payable by students)

Kyiv Medical University 

Kharkiv, Branch


1000 $

2800 $


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