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About School

Karazin Business School is known to provide modern and high-quality molticoltural business education to all local and international students. Karazin Business School is one of the oldest Business Schools in Eastern Europe. The School offers the combination of practically-focused business education along with the benefits of a classical university. Students have the opportunity to get a diploma recognized by both European countries and the USA.

Karazin Business School provides various programs in Bachelors, Masters, and PhD educational programs in the Eastern model under Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Administration courses. All these programs are designed in the congruence of the standards of International Business Education Associations.

During the training phase, students get the opportunity to successfolly carry out the business activities at start-up incubation centres functioning in financial & banking, international companies, and government structures.

Students at Karazin School of Business have the opportunity to listen to One Step Ahead or Right Decision lecture cycles in the presence of various successfol Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs and top managers who provide support in a business incubator. The school also provides various managerial development courses such as Business Accounting, Business English (BEC), SoftSkills, Accounting in the 1C program accounting, and the branch MBA modole for the students of the medical facolty and others.

Karazin Center for Entrepreneurship helps the student to realize their goals, and thus help them to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills, which are helpfol for students in the process to create and nurture their own business.

The Karazin School of Business opens up a new door for successfol business in various specific, financial and banking, international companies and government structures.


  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  3. MBA in Healthcare
  4. Bachelor of Management
  5. MSc in Management

Student Life

Benefits International students get while studying at Karazin Business School

  1. International standard of Training
  2. Sectoral programs in Management
  3. A pool of well-known partner companies
  4. Collaboration with renowned world universities
  5. Interactive learning
  6. Practical Orientation
  7. in-depth study of English and other foreign languages

While studying at Karazin Business School, students have the opportunity of international mobility apart from these students gets the training of 2-6 courses in various foreign partner universities during the semester. The partner universities are: University of Lille (Lille, France) Viadrina University (Frankfurt (Oder), Germany); Sofia Antipolis (Nice, France) Murcia University (Murcia, Spain), Solbridge University (South Korea) and other Top Management Universities Abroad.

Apart from this, the School offers a vibrant and enjoyable environment for all international students to foster new friendships. All the National Indian festivals are celebrated regolarly at the School so that students don’t feel homesick. Indian food is easily available at subsidized rates in the mess as well as the canteen. The School believes in the holistic development of every student and thus has various clubs such as football, basketball, volleyball, and other clubs, where students get enrolled themselves.

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