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What you can do after studying MBBS in Ukraine?

Pursuing MBBS is certainly not an easy task and getting admission is extremely difficult for the students especially in India. The situation becomes more difficult for Indian students because of the less availability of seats at Government medical colleges of India or due to high capitation amounts or donations in Private medical colleges of India. 
Here students begin their search for the best option which is to pursue MBBS from Abroad. Well this alternative is quite rewarding than it seems. Talking about the best destinations for pursuing MBBS is MBBS from Ukraine!! Students stop at this country because of many attractive reasons it has for medical students especially.
Nowadays, Ukraine is becoming a hub for international students especially Indian medical students as they are having so many privileges in Ukraine unlike Indian, plus career prospects are very bright for them as they can also practice their medical career in India after completing MBBS from Ukraine. Other factors equally influence the students to take admissions in Medical Universities of Ukraine like modern infrastructure universities and quality education at affordable costs. As an add on, the syllabus for MBBS in Ukraine is WHO approved and the degree is accepted and recognized by all major medical councils in the world. 
Are you still confused as to what benefits you will have if you decide for MBBS in Ukraine? Here are some of the best reasons and advantages as to why should you proceed further. 

  1. No requirement of Capitation/Donation
  2. Globally recognized degrees by MCI, WHO, IMED, UNESCO, etc.
  3. Direct and easy admission to the University 
  4. English is the medium of instruction
  5. Safe and secure accommodation facilities equipped with all basic amenities
  6. Proper dining facilities and Indian food availability for Indian students

If you are still not convinced and suffer from the dilemma, then do have a look at some more peculiarities of study MBBS in Ukraine. 

  1. Easy Visa Process for deserving students
  2. MCI recognized- eligible for Govt. jobs and PG courses in India
  3. Students can practice their medical career in India after completing MBBS from Ukraine and cracking the FMGE screening test
  4. Proven high quality of education and excellent academic standards
  5. Best opportunities for clinical exposure at University affiliated hospitals
  6. Fun activities at the University campus for sharing the culture of different communities together

Studying MBBS abroad is a decision that needs a lot of thinking and the right planning. To choose the best country to study MBBS abroad is another difficult task. There are a lot of countries which have become prominent as the hub for MBBS studies abroad. 
If pondered on the best country out of these, Ukraine does stand a fair chance. MBBS in Ukraine is considered to be one of the best options if going for medicine abroad. Where on one hand student’s experience a dazzling and enriching student life during the study period, there is no lack of opportunities after the course completion on the other.  There is plenty you can do after getting your degree from one of the universities in Ukraine. Most of the medical universities in Ukraine are quite old and are accredited by all major medical councils in the world. Since the degree of these universities is globally recognized and highly accredited, you have a range of options, which are suggested below:
Coming back to India: After getting an MBBS degree from Ukraine, you can come back to India and sit for the licensing exam, be it FMGE or NEXT (whichever is prevalent at the time). For the existing exam, i.e. the FMGE, you need to score 50% marks. The best part is that it is not a competitive examination and you get unlimited chances, twice a year. On top of that, the exam does not have negative marking scheme and consists of 300 questions in total.
Settling in Ukraine- Practicing and settling down in Ukraine is another good option you can grab on. Since you will be a graduate from the country and you will get accustomed to the culture and living conditions of the place during your study period, settling down there will not be a bad decision at all.  
Application to practice in foreign countries other than Ukraine – You can apply to practice in various foreign countries other than Ukraine to get a taste of diversity in professional space. You can have options to apply for USMLE/PLAB or other countries, if you clear the medical council examinations of respective countries you may go to these countries for practice purpose, FREE PG study, so in short you can work and settle there.
However, the relaxing part for the foreign graduates is that from next year onwards they will get saved by the scrutiny of the FMGE exam. From 2019 onwards, the Government of India has given consideration to the creation of a common entrance test which will be mandatory for every medical graduate irrespective of the location of study. The upcoming examination will be called NEXT and once students clear this test they will be eligible to get a PG seat or employment opportunity in India. 

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