Syllabus of MBBS in Ukraine?

What is the syllabus of MBBS in Ukraine?

Anytime a student wishes to pursue MBBS, the very next question that comes in the mind is from where to pursue this course. Going abroad to study MBBS is one option Indian Students are increasingly thinking about. When talked about the countries to pursue this course, countries like Ukraine, US, UK, Russia and China are what students think about the most. Out of all the countries, students prefer a country that has affordable tuition fees and a proper accommodation facility during the study period.

If we focus on Ukraine a little more, Ukraine is now becoming the first and topmost education destination for the Indian students. Medicine studies in Ukraine is cheaper as compared to other countries especially India. Doing medical studies from India is not easy as there are very limited seats in the government universities and private universities are very costly.

As far as the Ukranian degrees are concerned, they are ecognized by WHO and UNESCO and once students graduate, they have an option to return back to their country or settle at any place in abroad considering the fact that the degree they hold is internationally accepted.

The major confusion for Indian students when opting MBBS in abroad is the syllabus part. They are confused as to what and how they will be taught. But the syllabus for MBBS in Ukraine is WHO approved and is similar to what is taught in Indian medical colleges.

The syllabus MBBS in Ukraine is broadly divided into three major parts as it is divided in India- Pre- clinical, Para-clinical and Clinical.

It takes minimum of five and a half years for students to complete MBBS syllabus which integrates the course study duration and the mandatory internship period of one year. The students are taught the basics and special aspects of medicine and surgery during the programme.

Here is a breakdown of subjects taught during the 4 years of course studies:

  • 1st year_ Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry
  • 2nd year _ vast pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, forensic medicine
  • 3rd year _ ENT, Ophthalmology, Community medicine
  • 4th year- General medicine, pediatrics, General surgery, OG

So if you are concerned about the syllabus part, there is nothing to worry about. MBBS in Ukraine offers WHO approved syllabus and that too in English medium.

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