Top advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine, Europe

Top advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine

You dream to be a doctor all your life, but when you finally study day and night and apply to medical colleges, you only find out that there are not enough seats in your country, because of which you cannot study medicine. But, with little determination that can be achieved as medical education is given throughout the world, of which the best is given in UK, Australia, Europe, etc. Of these particularly you might want to consider Eastern Europe because of the high value of the degree at an affordable price, as the cost to value ratio is also equally important. An increasing number of international students are choosing eastern Europe in recent years for pursuing MBBS, with universities in Ukraine, Russia and Poland among the most popular. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine.

Without further ado let’s get on with the top advantages about enrolling for MBBS in Ukraine.

  1. International Exposure: One of the reasons for one to go to college for further education is the rich cultural diversity of the people that can be found in the college campus. With students from various countries, backgrounds and ethnicities, there are countless opportunities of developing your connections internationally.
  2. No entrance exam: In India there are around 13 lakh students who appear for the medical entrance examination for admission into the universities, and just around 5-6 lakh clear it, but the troublesome part is that there are only 62000 medical seats in India. For taking up MBBS in Ukraine there is no such entrance examination. It is entirely based on your performance in the 12th standard.
  3. Low cost of living: When it comes to studying abroad, the cost of living is a big hurdle. Many have to even drop the idea because of this. But Eastern Europe happens to be much cheaper than Western Europe, and thus the cost of living can be easily managed.
  4. World class infrastructure: All medical universities of Ukraine, have world class infrastructure with various modern equipments to maintain high standards.
  5. English Medium: Most medical universities of Ukraine teach in English which makes it very convenient for foreign students.
  6. Gateway to Europe: Ukraine being in Eastern Europe, is very close to majority of the Western European nations - Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, etc. which gives you an excellent opportunity of travelling the world.
  7. Worldwide Recognition: Ukraine’s medical universities are recognized in the World Health Organization(WHO)’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”. This qualifies a student graduated from any such medical university to appear for tests like USMLE, PLAB and also the screening examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations under the directive of Medical Council of India (MCI). Moreover, since Ukraine is a part of the Bologna process, degrees from Ukraine are recognized in 27 countries in Europe.

We are sure you are impressed with the prospect of MBBS in Ukraine. If you haven’t applied for the September session, you still have one more chance for MBBS without NEET.

Admissions are open for MBBS in Ukraine for FEBRUARY 2019 Intake. For any admission queries, do reach out to us at :- 8448987593. 

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