United States Medical Licensing Exams

10 Tips To Crack USMLE Exam After MBBS In Ukraine

United State Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) is an examination for medical licensure in the U.S.A.

This three step examination evaluates students on two parameters.:

Understanding of concepts and the ability to apply them practically.

Therefore, a candidate has to work on all theoretical and practical skills.

Let’s look at some tricks. These tricks can be an important aspect of your preparation strategy.

Tips For The USMLE Aspirants

Here are 10 tips that can help you pass the exam with flying colors.

1.Do Your SWOT Analysis Regularly 

Before you start studying, set priorities.

You can do this by way of a diagnostic test. Take a test and analyze these four aspects.

Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is important to sort things.. And subsequently move in the right direction.

Do these four things and you’ll be good to go.

Improve Your Strengths

Practice more to strengthen the areas you’re already good at.

Start Working On Your Weak Areas

Do not hesitate in starting from scratch.

Areas With A Great Opportunity To Score Well

These are areas where you can score well but aren’t. Identify where the problem lies. Is it concepts, processing questions or time? Work on that aspect.

There Should Be No Threats

For the subject you think can affect your scores negatively. Start from basics. Eliminate threats as much as possible.

Analysing these four aspects is crucial to setting priorities.

2.Step 1 Will Be A Qualifier From January 2022

There is a recent change in exam pattern. 

Scores of step 1 will be given as pass/fail from January 2022. Till now, this score was an important determinant for getting admission to residency programmes.

At the time of screening, scores above 200 are considered good. Passing the exam requires a score of around 140-150.

Due to this change, step 2 Clinical Knowledge and step 3 exam may become an important aspect of analysis.

This change will be applicable from January 2022. People attempting the exam in 2021 will  still have to prepare to excel, n. Not to qualify.

3. Be Focussed

Do not memorize but understand concepts clearly.

Give time to clearing concepts. Try to understand what you do not.

This will improve your accuracy and reduce further revision time.

Also, it’s an unavoidable requirement. Application based questions and the Clinical Studies test of step 2 depend on it.

Regardless of how perfect a strategy is, preparation demands time.

Study for at least 10 hours a day with undivided attention.

Think like a doctor. Do not restrict to subjects. Work on integration of concepts across subjects. Think of their applications in real life situations. 

Best Wishes 

If you have decided to do it, half the war is won.
Strategize, study, analyze and re- strategize.
The best time to start is NOW.

The best way is to KEEP WORKING.

The best motivation is that you will be a DOCTOR IN THE U.S.A.

Now, can we get started?

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