7 Mistakes To Avoid While Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Avoid these 7 mistakes in the first year of MBBS in Ukraine

The first year as a medical student can be exhilarating and intimidating especially when a student moves to a new place and adjust to a new environment. 

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Unlike any other educational program, MBBS is very demanding. With hours of course work and often, the first year is concentrated on learning basic human physiology, histology, anatomy, and biochemistry. This varies from university to university.

In every medical university, students are encouraged to participate in various programs organized at the university. 

7 mistakes you must avoid in your first year of MBBS in Ukraine

As mentioned earlier, MBBS is a demanding course that can lead to making common mistakes during the early years of MBBS in Ukraine.

Below are the few common mistakes medical students tend to make:

Skipping class

One of the mistakes a student often makes is skipping class. In Medical Universities often the lectures are recorded and all the information is posted on the student's portal of the university website. Students are tempted to skip classes especially in the first few weeks of their first year of MBBS program.


Most students study only the night before the examination and still do well. However, it is not the case in MBBS program. MBBS course is vast, it is not possible to cram every information in one night. To be successful, students must go through the study material the day they received it from the professors. At Medical Universities in Ukraine, students are advised to study their papers and revise regularly. Various tests or examinations are conducted to help students improve their studies.

Neglecting Self-care

Students often neglect themselves due to hectic schedules. Many times they forget to look after their own health- mentally and physically. The only way to avoid stress while studying MBBS in Ukraine is to involve in other activities to build a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of support

During the first year of MBBS in Ukraine, students may find it hard to get support from their fellow mates. Do not limit yourself from finding new friends in a different place. Staying in touch with old friends, families, build new connections, and making new friends is very essential. 

Focus on what matters

Instead of taking on various activities at once, like joining multiple sports clubs, cultural clubs, etc, focus on something that matters. Apart from your academic activities, focus on the extracurricular activities that you truly value.

Expand your learning 

While studying MBBS in Ukraine, do not focus only on one particular field. Many students make mistakes by focusing only on one specialty. However, to be able to learn new things in the medical field, try to explore various other fields, and discover the multitude of medical specialties and other opportunities.

Enjoy every moment

Do not let your studies disrupt your fun time while studying MBBS in Ukraine and vice versa. It is important to have fun once in a while. It refreshes your mind and body. Go for hiking, trekking, meet new people, attend special events and explore the country and yes, make your stay in Ukraine memorable while pursuing your career.

Bottom line

Studying MBBS in Ukraine can be fun, exciting, thrilling, etc. It is up to you how you make it. Do not mistake your fun time with your study time. Make sure that you give your best at whatever you do.

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