MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students

Is MBBS in Ukraine good for Indian students?

Do you know that most of the Government Medical Colleges in Ukraine are recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India? Well, if you want to pursue your medical career with one of the Top Medical Colleges in Ukraine, then this is for you!

Ukraine is a country that provides the best suitable platform for students who aspire to pursue MBBS in Abroad. It has many Top Government Medical Colleges that offer different courses such as MBBS, MD, and other related courses. These Universities are recognized and approved by the MCI and other Global recognitions. Thus, graduates’ students can apply for jobs anywhere in the world. 

Below are some of the benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine-

Admissions process - Many Universities in Ukraine offers direct admissions to Indian students. The students don't have to appear for the University entrance examination. 

The students should have the eligibility for admission in one of the top universities in Ukraine. The candidate should complete 17 years of age before admission for the MBBS course and also should obtain the 50% aggregate in 12th examination in physics, chemistry, biology, and English. 

Quality Education- The universities in Ukraine offers good quality education to the students. They offer opportunities to the students to participate in various programs such as conferences, seminars, and other projects. 

Medical universities in Ukraine have well-equipped laboratories and libraries. Laboratories are equipped with modern technologies and the libraries have various collections of books. Thus, eases the work of the students. 

The students get the best training during their 6-year Medical course from the Medical Universities in Ukraine. These universities offer basic medical programs, clinical programs as well as the real-life training programs at the hospitals for the students to learn more.

Language of instructions - The medium language of instruction is English. As there are many international students studying MBBS in Ukraine, the universities are using the English language for their instructions.

Budget - Most of the Medical Universities in Ukraine are Government Medical Colleges. So, college fees are comparatively low. 

The tuition fees for MBBS in Ukraine can vary from 3500USD to 5000USD per year which is affordable for the Indian students.

Accommodation - Most of the Universities in Ukraine provides separate Hostels for Indian Students. These hostels have Indian Mess which offers Indian food to every individual staying in the hostels. 

Security guards are appointed at the university campuses for the safety of the students. 

Better Job Prospects - To have a job in hand is an honor. The students who are studying MBBS in Ukraine or any relevant courses can apply for a job anywhere around the world after MBBS from Ukraine. This makes it easy for the students because most of the universities are recognized by MCI and other global recognitions such as WDOMS, ECFMG, etc.

Over the years, as the Medical Universities in Ukraine accepts no donation for admission to any university, many Indian Medical aspired students moved to Ukraine to fulfill their dreams of becoming Doctors within the affordable cost. 
Hence, to say, MBBS in Ukraine is good for Indian students. So, if you are looking for quality education with affordable university fees, then the Government Medical Universities in Ukraine is the best option.

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