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Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy

Studying at Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy

About University

Established in 1959, Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy is one of the oldest higher education institution in the country. Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy was instituted by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the USSR as an evening branch of Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical

Since its establishment, Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy has covered a long distance. At present the Academy is a strong scientific and research complex. 778 people work in the academy. 324 research and teaching staff, including 33 doctors of science and 189 candidates of science provide educational process and scientific activity.

Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy by its scientific research development and state-of-the-art teaching and learning technologies provides a significant contribution to the socio-economic growth of Ukraine.


  1. Department of Civil Engineering and Water Resources

  2. Department of Power Engineering and Energy Conservation

  3. Department of Automated Systems of Process Control

  4. Department of Metallurgical Engineering

  5. Department of Economics and Management

  6. The Center of Continuing Education


Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy focuses on all round development of students thus entitling them to have a taste of all basic and modern amenities. The students in the university are exposed to a multi-cultural environment which orients the students towards an independent living style. The
experienced faculty dedicates most of the time in developing new teaching measures for the students so that they can be brilliant professionals in their career domain.

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