Vinnitsa National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University

MBBS in Ukraine

Studying at Vinnitsa National Medical University

About University

Vinnitsa National Medical University was founded in 1921 and was also known as National Pirogov Memorial Medical University in the beginning.

The University is located in the city of Vinnytsia which is approx 260 kms from the city of KIEV. It is duly accredited by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, Medical Council of India (MCI) & World Health Organisation (WHO). The University is training foreign nationals since 1961. More than 6000 students have been trained at the University which includes almost 2000 foreign students.

The University has the collaboration with the medical faculties of the established universities from countries like Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia & USA. The University also works closely with more than 25 different MNC’s in pharmaceutical business to serve humanity.

VNMU is known to have one of the best English Faculty in Ukraine. Vinnitsa National Medical University provides the Degree of  MD (Physician) and duration of the course is six years.


  1. Faculty of Medicine;
  2. Faculty of Dentistry;
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy;
  4. Preparatory Department for foreign citizens in Ukraine (licensed intake – 500 persons);
  5. Faculty of Postgraduate Training with the branch in Khmelnytskyy City

Student Life

While enrolling the foreign students, Vinnitsa National Medical University takes into account their religion, national, regional, psychological & individual features. Physical training is included in the curriculum of all the departments. Besides this, students participate in various sports; they play football, basketball and volleyball as members of the university team.

All the foreign students get to know more about the local tradition, history, culture of Ukraine during the national holidays & festivals.

The representatives from Indian Embassy take an active participation in organization of such celebrations for the students of Indian Origin.

Student exchange programs are organized with various healthcare establishments within European Union as well as outside it.

Indian students studying at Vinnitsa National Medical university takes an active apart in all types of extracurricular activities which helps in the holistic personality development of the students.


The accommodation provided by the university to the Indian students looking for MBBS in Ukraine has state-of-art establishment for the students in 5 hostels and 4 canteens. The University has its own hostel located within 2-3 minutes walking distance from the University’s campus. All the students are provided with furniture, kitchen service, well-equipped washrooms included in the fees itself. Any extra service that is required by the students can be availed at a nominal cost payable at the University.

All the hostel blocks have been equipped with 24-hour security and emergency services, to provide a safe and study-conducive environment to all the students.


Library plays a very pivotal role in the development and knowledge enhancement of all the enrolled students and employed teachers at the University. The constant upgrade provided in terms of new scientific, educational literature to the library helps all the learners to acquire new details in various fields. The University library purchases a lot of home & foreign periodicals, dissertations, biblical literature to facilitate the students & teachers. More than 20,000 new books are bought every year, with almost 400 foreign & home journals are subscribed to add in the knowledge-base. Online literature is available in the remaining three libraries located in the campus.

More than 500,000 copies of different books, from different parts of the world in different languages are available in these libraries. The electronic reading hall is connected with the university data bank and high-speed internet. The university supplies its students with all necessary books and journals for academic purposes to enable them upgrade their knowledge-base.

University Details Tuition fees Hostel Fee One Time Charges

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Vinnitsa National

Medical University


5000 $ 700 $ 1800 $ 7500 $
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