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Odessa National Medical University

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About University

In 1996, ONMU was the first University of Ukraine which started providing medical education in English as a medium of instruction.

The University has a rich history while its establishment runs way back to 1900. Back then, it was established as the medical faculty of the Novorossiysk State University in Odessa. The medical faculty soon became one of the most prestigious medical faculties in the Russian Empire. After the collapse of Soviet Union, it became Odessa State Medical University in an independent Ukrainian Republic.

World's renowned scientists and the founders of medical schools who brought glory to the world science worked at ONMU. Some of them were Prof. Voronin V.V., Prof. Verigo B.F., Prof. Boggomolets O.O. and many more.

University received the fourth level of accreditation enforced by the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine in 1994. The university is now one of the top WHO recognized Universities in Ukraine. It is known for its quality education in a very reasonable fee structure.

ONMU is a member of Bologna process (Single European area of Higher Education) and the only member of MEDICINE (Medical Education in Europe). In 2005, the University was awarded with a medal for the development of modern model for teaching the English speaking students by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine & National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine.

University comprises of 56 departments, a medical college, preparatory faculty, and post-graduation faculty. Every year it enrolls about 4000 students out of which 1200 are international students from around 52 countries across the globe.


  1. Medical
  2. Stomatological (Dental)
  3. Pediatric
  4. Pharmaceutical
  5. Post graduate

Student Life:- 

  • Modern infrastructure and well-equipped classrooms is one of the advantage of the University. It has separate laboratories for students to have a better practical understanding.
  • The university houses an experienced faculty to ensure Quality Education is offered to the enrolled students.
  • The university also has various societies for students to experience a cultural exposure and interact with students coming from various countries across the globe. There is also a sports and fitness complex for students.
  • The university is also a part of many international organizations such as International Association of Medical Universities, which ensures great employment opportunities for students after the completion of the MBBS program.

Accommodation and food facility is available within the University campus. Rooms are fully-decorated with furniture, beddings and other basic amenities. Campus is totally secured under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. Hostels are surrounded by the green belt for the sports activities, student cafeteria, reading rooms and gyms, etc.

Fee Structure 2019-2020


MBBS (MD Course)

Tution Fee

Health insurance
(every year)
+ Visa Extension
Hostel Fee University Registration Charges
& Airport Pickup
Total Expenses
(In USD)
First year 4370 USD 280 USD 1300 USD 2050 USD 8000 USD
Second year 4550 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 5770 USD
Third year 4770 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 5990 USD
Fourth year 5120 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 6340 USD
Fifth year 5460 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 6680 USD
Sixth year 5800 USD 120 USD 1300 USD NA 7220 USD
Total fee 30,070 USD 880 USD 7,800 USD 2050 USD 39,800 USD
Bus Services (Compulsory for one year ) 200 USD
Mess charges (Compulsory for one year ) 1200 USD
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