National Aviation University

National Aviation University

Studying at National Aviation University

About University

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, National Aviation University is one of its kind aviation institution. Apart from offering premier aviation education, the university also has 16 institutes, 2 distinct faculties, 3 lyceums, 6 colleges and 12 research institutes. The university also housed various recreation clubs such as center for culture and arts, medical center, library and a yacht club.


  1. Faculty of Aircraft Engineering
  2. Faculty of Aircraft Engines’
  3. Faculty of Aircraft Control Systems
  4. Faculty of Rocket and Space Engineering
  5. Faculty of Aircraft Radio Electronic Systems
  6. Faculty of Economics and Management
  7. Faculty of Humanities

Student life:

National Aviation University offers a dynamic student life to its students. It consists of modern infrastructure and the campus and hostels are furnished with all latest aids and equipment. Students of the university also have access to the Sports Complex, the Arts and Culture Centre, the Medical Centre, accommodation in one among the 11 hostels, a cafeteria with a seating capacity for 1000 people at a time, memberships in the Billiard Club and e-club, and all of this is located within the students' campus.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee

(Every year)

Hostel fee One time charges
3000$/year 700$/year 1800$



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