Reasons Why Should You Do MBBS from Ukraine?

Study MBBS in Ukraine

Looking out for options for MBBS in Abroad? Well, we do have the hot pick of the season for you. Do have a look!

MBBS in Ukraine is among the top picks of the medical students. Why? Let us see that:

1. Ukrainian Universities are recognized worldwide

The universities in Ukraine are government universities and are listed in the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”. It basically means that graduate doctors from Ukraine are eligible to appear for national medical eligibility tests such as USMLE, PLAB, MCI, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, and MCC etc.

2. English as the medium of instruction

Language is not a barrier at all when looking for admissions in MBBS in Ukraine. The universities follow the global standards of medical curriculum and the medium of instruction is English throughout.

3. World class educational standards

Study MBBS in Ukraine has well-established reputation for excellence in teaching and research and is consistently ranked amongst the top countries of the world for higher medical education.

4. Worldwide acceptance of Ukrainian medical degree

Graduates from Ukrainian medical universities have the choice to work anywhere in the world in the field of Medicine as per the qualifications required by the organisation. The degree awarded is universally accepted.

5. Easy admission policy

It is easy to get admission in top government universities in Ukraine without giving any entrance tests. The admission formalities are simple and can be completed in a few steps. Unlike in other universities in India and abroad, students do not need to appear for any entrance or pre-qualifying exams or get indulged in complex admission procedure.

6. Living cost and tuition fees are less compared to other countries

No donations or capitation fees are to be paid to the universities to study medicine in Ukraine. The cost of education in the medical universities is completely regulated by the Ukrainian government.

7. Excellent study and learning environment

Students from all over the world opt for MBBS in Ukraine. Universities in Ukraine are becoming highly international. Besides that, while studying and living in Ukrainian traditions, you can also experience various international cultures.

8. Importance of Practical training

All the medical universities have many government hospitals under them.Those hospitals are equipped with modern medical equipment to serve the patients and ensure better practical learning for the students. So all international students do have opportunities to get quality training from highly trusted hospital and clinics.

9. Lively campus life

Students, both local and international, actively take part in the events and functions in the University. They perform in concerts, organize students’ parties, and participate in contests, festivals and sport events, and other cultural activities inside and outside the campus. Ukrainian universities organize all kinds of special activities, which are beneficial for students to settle into their life in Ukraine. International Students can travel around the city during their free time.

10. 100% safety and security of students

Ukraine is a very safe European country with beautiful landscape surrounding. The Ukrainian cities are very peaceful with social harmony and good public security. The medical universities take special care to provide international students with a safe study and living environment on campus. All the student hostels have their own security.Outsiders not allowed inside the hostels, friends, and relatives can enter only after showing their identity in the hostel gate.

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